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Raffle Tickets - where to start!

Raffle Tickets - where to start! 

Part 1   

The Legal stuff!

So you want to raise some money; maybe for your organisation or charity and you've decided to have a Raffle but don't really know where to start!

Firstly you need to decide if you are going to be selling these at a private event or to the general public.

If your just selling at a private event; i.e to members of one society, or persons who either live or work on the same premises you don't need a licence but if your going to be selling to the general public you need to be registered with your local authority; there is a small charge for this! 

This is because a Raffle is classed as a Lottery - and a Lottery is classed as gambling.

There are 3 essential ingredients to a Lottery:
  • You have to pay to enter the game
  • There is always at least 1 prize
  • Prizes are awarded purely on chance

 So if your selling to the general public each ticket must specify:
  • The name of the organisation running the raffle
  • Date & Place of Draw
  • The name & address of the promoter (named individual with full postal address)
  • The name of the local authority with whome the organisation is registered
  • Price of ticket (Please note: It is ILLEGAL to offer free tickets i.e. in a book of 5...25p each or 5 for £1)
  • Registered charities must state their charity number or 'a registered charity'
If your having a private lottery the tickets must specify:
  • The name & address of the promoter
  • The persons to whom ticket sales are restricted. The standard wording for this is: The sale of tickets is restricted to members of the (name of club). No prize won in this draw shall be paid or delivered by the promoter to any person other than the persons to whom the winning ticket was sold by them' 

Example of a standard black / white Raffle Ticket (red numbers are included in the price). 

To read more about the legal requirements click here

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Part 2 coming soon

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